Tuesday, September 27, 2011

48 Hour Film Project: Panda Clap Productions

Behind the scene shots during production.

Recently I was blessed enough to be part of an amazing international film competition called 'The 48 Hour Film Project' where participants randomly pick a genre, are given a prop and a line of dialogue which they must use in a short film to be made in precisely 48 hours. It was crazy stressful fun! I was part of Team Panda Clap along with 10 other unbelievably talented people who's expertise ranged from producing, directing, audio/sound, music, camera work and pure awesome. Information on the Premiere screening can be found here. Our film will be posted on youtube after the screening, in the mean time, enjoy these behind the scene teasers!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's getting late but I don't mind

Pre-informal at Meriton Hotel and Informal

So informal has come and gone. Started my day attending my beautiful cousin Lizzie's graduation along with HAHS class of 2011 before going back to her house and driving up to the city with her best friend Chau to check into the Meriton hotel. Got ready for my informal and her formal at the hotel and before we knew it, found ourselves rushing out of the hotel and straight onto a taxi to get to the wharf on time. Was such a relaxing night, dancing and just chilling with good company. Perfect way to farewell year 11.

Ps. I made my dress all by myself :)