Saturday, October 29, 2011

We both know I'm not that strong

1. My bed after an intense bed jumping session, 2. The Boys, 3.Kyleen's birthday cake, 4. Birthday girl, 5.Kyleen's dinner at TK Something, 6. Fabric for first batch of skirts, hung up and tagged, 7.My 'Alan' pick, 8.Oreo, 9.Wonton noodles for dinner, 10. After school snack
First and foremost, happy 17th Kyleen! It's been a busy week, but I must admit I love it. Where do I even start! Melanie kindly picked me up and drove me (safely) to Kyleen's dinner where we all stuffed our faces full. Kyleen decided to go and watch Paranormal Activities 3 after and Nicholas and I were to join her however that never worked out so Nick and I decided to just head home. On the way to his car, we noticed a new frozen yoghurt place called 'Gems' and gave it a try before heading back to my place and just chatting till basically morning. Thanks for driving Nick! To my surprise there's been such a great response to my skirt, currently I've bought the material for 6 skirts however more are to come once colour choices are confirmed. Can't wait to finish these babies and send them out to their new owners! Must definitely remind myself to take pictures before they all go.

Ps. What's with all the food pictures? My life just revolves around food, please don't judge.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spinning on our heels, so far away from real.

ASOS mesh body suit, DIY Maxi slit dress, Thrifted cltuch, Rubi wedges
Does that maxi skirt look a bit familiar? It should! It's the bottom half of the informal dress I made and blogged about here. Since I wouldn't really have a chance to wear the dress again I thought it would be best to cut it up and give it a second chance. So glad I decided to do so! This skirt is just so amazing to wear! It's light, airy (for those upcoming hot summer days) and unbelievably comfortable! So good that I'm actually contemplating on making a few more in different colours! I highly doubt it but if anyone is interested to get one, leave me a comment and we'll discuss it, estimated cost between $15 and $25 depending on fabric costs

EDIT: Checked the fabric, more expensive then I thought :S So skirts have to be $25. Sorry!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'd rather pretend you'd still be there in the end

1. & 2. Asparagus Salad, 3. Nat and I, 4. Novelty condom from Nat, 5. Embroidery floss, 6. Study table and 10kg log, 7. & 8. DIY see through clutch, 8. Cute clutch button
Just a random collection of photos in the last fortnight. So school has been back for a week and surprisingly there has been no tears or break downs, yet. Although I must admit I'm quite overwhelmed by the Year 12 course so far I am determined to give it my all. The see through clutch is currently being used as my school bag, hence the glasses and pencil case in it. Only because the folder I am using (seen on my table) is too big for my bag and there's no point lugging a bag around just so it could hold my pencil case. So I quickly whipped up the clutch the day before school! The reason why there's a log on my study table? It's a funny story, probably more suitable for another day, just like the story of Sam picking up the metre long snake in Agriculture!

Ps. I really, really love asparagus, in fact it's probably my favourite vegetable. Just saying.

Monday, October 10, 2011

'Hangman' - Short Film (48hr Film Project NSW 2011)

It's finally here! The 48 Hour Film Competition is now over which means we were able to release the short film! A big congratulations to our director David MT Nguyen for snapping up the 'Best Emerging Director' award on the night, well deserved. Subscribe to Panda Clap Productions right now to have first looks on any upcoming projects! Congratulations to David once again, as always it was a pleasure working with you and the crew.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Play pretend between the trees

Chilling at a park in Georges Fair
Spent a wonderful day at the park yesterday with some friends. Holly mother ducked us from Holsworthy Station since she was the only one who knew where we were going (thanks Holly!). Got to the park and went wild on all the play things! So much fun and definitely took us back to our childhoods. We then had a lovely lunch bbq/picnic before returning to the playground. Ended the day with a 'friendly' game of soccer but our energy soon fizzed out so we played a bit of Uno before heading on off to the bus stop to get home. Big thanks to Monica for organising such a day and everyone who turned up and offered such great company.