Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'd rather pretend you'd still be there in the end

1. & 2. Asparagus Salad, 3. Nat and I, 4. Novelty condom from Nat, 5. Embroidery floss, 6. Study table and 10kg log, 7. & 8. DIY see through clutch, 8. Cute clutch button
Just a random collection of photos in the last fortnight. So school has been back for a week and surprisingly there has been no tears or break downs, yet. Although I must admit I'm quite overwhelmed by the Year 12 course so far I am determined to give it my all. The see through clutch is currently being used as my school bag, hence the glasses and pencil case in it. Only because the folder I am using (seen on my table) is too big for my bag and there's no point lugging a bag around just so it could hold my pencil case. So I quickly whipped up the clutch the day before school! The reason why there's a log on my study table? It's a funny story, probably more suitable for another day, just like the story of Sam picking up the metre long snake in Agriculture!

Ps. I really, really love asparagus, in fact it's probably my favourite vegetable. Just saying.

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  1. suppppppp. Seriously your blog seems to have a great elegant sort of atmosphere. I like.