Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Play pretend between the trees

Chilling at a park in Georges Fair
Spent a wonderful day at the park yesterday with some friends. Holly mother ducked us from Holsworthy Station since she was the only one who knew where we were going (thanks Holly!). Got to the park and went wild on all the play things! So much fun and definitely took us back to our childhoods. We then had a lovely lunch bbq/picnic before returning to the playground. Ended the day with a 'friendly' game of soccer but our energy soon fizzed out so we played a bit of Uno before heading on off to the bus stop to get home. Big thanks to Monica for organising such a day and everyone who turned up and offered such great company.

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  1. Hey cuz!
    I got the swimsuit a couple years ago from a friend, but the tag says it's from ASOS :D