Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spinning on our heels, so far away from real.

ASOS mesh body suit, DIY Maxi slit dress, Thrifted cltuch, Rubi wedges
Does that maxi skirt look a bit familiar? It should! It's the bottom half of the informal dress I made and blogged about here. Since I wouldn't really have a chance to wear the dress again I thought it would be best to cut it up and give it a second chance. So glad I decided to do so! This skirt is just so amazing to wear! It's light, airy (for those upcoming hot summer days) and unbelievably comfortable! So good that I'm actually contemplating on making a few more in different colours! I highly doubt it but if anyone is interested to get one, leave me a comment and we'll discuss it, estimated cost between $15 and $25 depending on fabric costs

EDIT: Checked the fabric, more expensive then I thought :S So skirts have to be $25. Sorry!


  1. wow thats so cool! love love love the outfit and stunning photos!


  2. CUZ, you are so making me one when I come over next YIPPPEEE :'))) i'll pay for fabric :P

    you look great! x

  3. man, your making them wayy too cheap!