Saturday, October 29, 2011

We both know I'm not that strong

1. My bed after an intense bed jumping session, 2. The Boys, 3.Kyleen's birthday cake, 4. Birthday girl, 5.Kyleen's dinner at TK Something, 6. Fabric for first batch of skirts, hung up and tagged, 7.My 'Alan' pick, 8.Oreo, 9.Wonton noodles for dinner, 10. After school snack
First and foremost, happy 17th Kyleen! It's been a busy week, but I must admit I love it. Where do I even start! Melanie kindly picked me up and drove me (safely) to Kyleen's dinner where we all stuffed our faces full. Kyleen decided to go and watch Paranormal Activities 3 after and Nicholas and I were to join her however that never worked out so Nick and I decided to just head home. On the way to his car, we noticed a new frozen yoghurt place called 'Gems' and gave it a try before heading back to my place and just chatting till basically morning. Thanks for driving Nick! To my surprise there's been such a great response to my skirt, currently I've bought the material for 6 skirts however more are to come once colour choices are confirmed. Can't wait to finish these babies and send them out to their new owners! Must definitely remind myself to take pictures before they all go.

Ps. What's with all the food pictures? My life just revolves around food, please don't judge.

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