Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here's just one more wasted

DIY Kaftan dress
Finally managed to blog this! The process of creating this blog involved website failures, laptop overheating (x4) and off course the task of taking pictures, which surprisingly didn't take too long. Did I mention laptop overheating? Mum and Dad promised to get me a new laptop soon/for Christmas, hopefully they do! Anyway so this is my new design, inspired by a red silk Kaftan I saw in Forever New only to be put off by the attached price tag. Saw the sweetest printed fabric at the shops and had to get it. It feels amazing and is perfect for the weather! As before, let me know if you'd like to own one yourself and we'll organise it! Summer, BRING IT ON!


  1. Cute DIY, I remember trying to DIY once and it turned out really bad. But I love the print on the material :O

    I really like your wall.

  2. just saw your comment on my blog...dude you are talented! i think one of these in white would be perfect...i might be interested in getting one made. how much would it be? xx

  3. Love the flowy, diaphonous nature of the look. Very pretty.

  4. This is so cute and perfect for summer! Love the photo wall as well :)