Friday, November 18, 2011

Passing by with every exit sign

1.Yap Nap Yu-gi-oh card, 2. Mitchel's handiwork on my wrist, 3. After school snack, 4. School tool shed, 5. My study room/studio, 6.Oreo and the neighbour's dog, 7. View whilst on the train home, 8. Path out of school, 9. House Captain result, 10. The boy's new obsession
This was going to be a really happy post, the last fortnight has been quite great. But today when I went to Liverpool in search of a birthday present for Mum, I managed to leave my school work folder somewhere. What's even worst was that I only realised when I stepped into my front door. I just can't explain how upset I am, all my hard work and notes. Onto happier things, I have been blessed enough to be voted in as House Captain for my sporting house! So grateful to all my fellow housemates and we even confirmed our 2012 Swimming Carnival theme in today's house meeting! It's going to be amazing no doubt.

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