Saturday, December 31, 2011

Colours and Promises

1. Beach house key, 2. Callala Bay down the road, 3. Richard, Andrew, Nathan & Long, 4. Rock pools, 5. Callala Bay
For Christmas this year, a long lost family tradition was reignited! We hit the road and went away for Christmas to Callala Bay for a couple of days! The weather was bliss and the beach was so relaxing. It was so great to be able to sit back and catch up with the cousins and just chill. Only thing is turns out I'm extremely sensitive to the sun hence resulted in migraines and my skin becoming red and inflamed, basically a bad sunburn of sorts. One week of living on Aloe Vera and strong antihistamines later, my skin is now in the peeling stage and still red. Never again!

And this, will be the last post for the year and what a year it has been. By this time next year, I would have: graduated, gotten over my ATAR (be it good or bad), grown a little and learned a lot. Get ready for another year filled with blessings everyone. God Bless.

Ps. The super awesome clear DSLR pictures are courtesy of Long & Yvonne ;)


  1. some of the pictures arent up?? :(


  2. are you sure Nat? I can see it! :S and more importantly,


  3. For some reason it happens to be only you :( I asked my friends to check it out and they see all 5! Sorry Nat :(

  4. oh wait, u only posted 5? i see 5.. lol but ur tags at the bottom says hermit crab, rock pool n stuff and those i cant see!!

    no worries, either way, i like ur nails! =D