Sunday, December 4, 2011

This thing ain't been a walk in the park for us

1. How I've been spending most afternoons, 2. House, 3. Side mirror, 4. Thrifted bag, 5. Blocking crochet, 6.Crochet , 7. Oreo, 8. Favourite (out of two) lipstick, 9. VAPD, 10 & 11. Crochet
Started the day with a rescue mission, kinda. Oreo went missing and Mum could hear him whining, turned out he went exploring under the house and couldn't get out! Poor thing! I' currently on the look out for a second sewing machine, either an overlocker or one with a zigzag stitch capability, but since I'm so broke I'm looking for second hand ones, anyone? Overall it has been a stressful week, straight up. So many assessments, let's not talk about legal, ever (really, I'm pretty convinced I should drop legal after that assessment...) On happier notes I finally got around to learning how to crochet! Got the hang of it and even made up some designs myself. All I have is PE and English assessments this week then filming the promo video for Swimming Carnival the week after. Wish me luck! I'm going to go off and make some cheesy potato bake to enjoy while I watch some UFC A.Lo gave me.

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  1. Don't worry, I remember feeling really down about my first round of assessments, especially for the dreaded subject that is English. Good Job learning and creating your own crotchet patterns :D