Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's just the dark before the morning

1. Hands, 2. Laptop accident, 3.Pasta, 4.Part of the art class + art faculty, 5.Annie's ombre hair and amazing Black Milk tights, 6.Cecilia's wrist bling, 7.Eugenia Raskopoulos's 'footnotes' at NSW Art Gallery, 8.(someone let me know who this is by) at NSW Art Gallery, 9. Canh Chua, 10-12.OOTD; Gallery excursion, 13. OOTD: dentist & 14. Plaster teeth mold as candle holder.
Why do you have teeth mold? Because they were used to make my retainers and my awesome dental technician asked me if I wanted them since they weren't going to be used for anything after so I said yes because i) it's not everyday you have a plaster mold of your own teeth ii) why not? Not sure what to do with it yet so at they moment they serve as candle holders. Go on, judge me. What did you do to your laptop? I managed to do my thing ie. I dropped it. What's been happening? School, the highlight being the excursion to the NSW Art Gallery to view the contemporary collection (which was AMAZING) and Art Express. That pleated blue skirt I'm wearing, that's my childhood right there. They were my primary school sports skirt and I loved them back then and I love them now. My exam starts this Friday! So I may be away for longer (than I already am, I know, unbelievable) So forgive me! Until next time!

(Ps. I am so glad there is no gallery 'black list'. I mean I managed to be yelled at AND set off an alarm in the contemporary section, yes alarm. It beeped at me, I looked around and about 4 security guys came at me at different life on the edge and all you know.)