Saturday, April 7, 2012

And when it's time I'll leave the ocean behind

1. Mogu Mogu Lychee jelly drink, 2.Banana & coconut sago, 3.DIY  floral dress, 4. The 'Braces are Off' smile, 5. Vintage binoculars at Bazaar markets, 6. Bedroom, 7. DIY circle skirt, 8.Easter eggs, 8.OOTD at Glenfield station, 9. Chicken & Cheese pide, 10. OOTD; Vintage denim top, DIY circle skirt, 11. Dragonfruit, 12. Nightly routine & 13. Oreo

My exams have come and gone and my two week holidays are here. I'm not sure how I went but you know, what's done is done., not losing sleep over it. I have to admit though it's been an extremely difficult term, personally. The second half of the term, I can't even begin to explain the things I, felt. But I did feel them, and it hit home pretty hard and, eurgh let's not talk about this. In other news, I GOT MY BRACES OFF! Aw yeah, boys one at a time please! (Please don't judge me.) I've been keeping busy with some sewing to get my mind off some things, kind of like vent sewing so I've got a few pieces to blog about soon. But what's much, much more important, is that it is Easter tomorrow. I will be going to my second Church service ever with the lovely Krisha tomorrow, words can't explain how excited I am. I hope you all have an enjoyable Easter and keep in mind the real reason for Easter, beyond the chocolate eggs. Bless all.

'For God so loved the world that he gave his one only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.' John 3:16

(Ps. I'm really sorry for the badly written post, I'm not particularly in the right frame of mind right now but I just really wanted to get this out of the way, sorry)

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  1. omg, i tried to make a circle skirt, but it failed! i followed the wrong measurements for a waist skirt, and somehow got a skirt for a slutty fat chick.. LOL!