Monday, April 9, 2012

I stand unashamed trusting in one name

Dress; DIY, Ring; Gloss, Bracelet; vintage, Bag; Vintage, Shoes; Senso c/o Dorothy

THE SERVICE WAS AMAZING! I wasn't able to sit with Krisha because getting seats were crazy. We were lucky to even sit inside because there were hundreds (no exaggeration) who stood outside in the rain to watch the service on the big screen because the stadium was overfilled! Reinhard Bonnke was the guest speaker (explains the massive turnout) and that man, is so amazing. He was so witty and humble (and he had such a cool accent), take a look here to see his inspiring crusade. I didn't wear this to the service because the weather wasn't great but this is something I made a few days ago. I wasn't planning on making anything in this colour but whilst at the fabric shops I managed to convince myself I should have something mustard in my wardrobe.Finished the dress in a day, it's not perfect but hey, I like it. It's so difficult taking pictures of myself, I resorted to asking my BROTHER to take some pictures for me (the outdoor ones) and he kept running inside the house as people came by because he was just topless in shorts. Yeah, my big brother's kinda cute like that! Until next time guys! God bless!


  1. Diy? Serious jaw dropping action happening. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, you compliment such silhouettes so well! :D

  2. likeeeeee your blog dear!
    keep posting girl and go for it <3