Friday, May 25, 2012

Little hands and lions eyes

Red Rovers, Licorice, Blueberries, Ghosties by Jelly Beans
I've never blogged about things I've wanted before so it really gives you an idea how infatuated I am with these sandals. I have wanted them for ages, probably have been searching since last year, and I actually was looking for the clear sandals. Then just the other night I stumbled onto Jelly Beans, an Australian brand (I believe) and I started spinning on my chair, making strange wailing noises and flailing my arms all over the place. I love all the colours (except for the pink that's not pictured) and if I could, I'd get them all. But I can't, not sure if I could even get one pair without feeling like a horrible child (even if they're only $30! I haven't been performing so well in school so...) What do you guys think, what colour should I possibly be getting?
And I reckon it would be awesome if they made these as well! But I have yet to find the brand for these awesome boots :( Will put up another post possibly/probably when my assignments are over!

Ps. Feel free to get me some, for err....early birthday present? ehehe

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Like a burning flame, a wild fire untamed

1. OOTD: clothes borrowed from Mariel, 2. Homemade brownies with Hazelnut, 3. Dinner; Cha Siu and stirfry, 4. OOTD, 5. Dinner at Red Dragon (?), 6. Seafood and tofu stir fry, 7. Salt and pepper fried duck tongue, 8. Scallion and Ginger pippies with crunchy vermicilli, 9. Koshila's ipod background, 10. Grace Nell, 11. Mariel Malabanan, 12. Koshila Perera, 13. Paper roses & 14. Jordan Kerr's invitation to President Obama's 2013 inaugral

Oh hi there strangers! A fail surprise birthday party, brothers crazy 19th party, mothers day dinner, fast food runs, prison break from offline english and countless hours spent in the art room. That's what I've been up to. Just for a minute, could we all just stare at the last picture of Kerr's invitation all the way from the White House?! It's so plain to see that he is going to go places, super proud! I've signed myself up for the Bodyrock 30 day fitness challenge, two days down, 28 to go! Hoping to take better care of my body since I've been really letting go for too long time (it's carb loading I tell yah! Please don't judge me and my eating habits) I'm halfway through making another skirt so expect something soon (or maybe not). The paper roses are the result of burnt fingers, tears, frustration and long hours, I'm not sure if it's because I've been looking at them for too long or what but they seem so tacky to me and it's really disheartening :( What do you guys think? Ok I am quite aware that I promised this post would be more 'entertaining' and that this post needs a few dragons to spice it up BUT if all things go to plan, this weekend should be exciting! I'm sorry, please forgive me.

Ps. I LOST MY BEANIE AT SCHOOL! Oh man I really liked that beanie, it was actually my brothers...please let me know if anyone sees it, slouchy black with a grey stripe. I'm pretty devastated and its left my head quite cold now that the weather has dropped so low, sigh. Anyone want to offer me a beanie?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

That when I can't You always can

1. Sugar cane juice, 2. David Minh Tam Nguyen's figurines, 3 &4. Zumbarons from brother, 5. Bruises and scrapes from basketball, 6. Velvet Bow by China Glaze nail polish, 7.Bed, 8. DIY Ursaring suit/onesie, 9.&10. Mango shaved ice + Jackfruit with Mitchell, 11. Surprise message from brother
This post is boring, I know I know. But nothing much has been happening (because really I'm a boring person) and even when things happened I didn't have a camera to snap away! So forgive me! I finished up the holiday going to a Pokemon themed party and an 18th party but yeah, that's about it. School is well back now, half yearly results have come out and I just don't want to talk about them. On another note my Body of Work for Art is really testing me, praying I get it done by the time it's due but it will definitely be a challenge. The DIY Ursaring onesie in the last picture is basically what I'm going to be living in during winter, probably going to make more when I have the time, it's super warm and comfortable! Went for a shaved ice date with Mitchell after school yesterday (hehe) and you don't understand, this is not any shaved ice! It's like icecream shaved into thin melt on your tongue flakes! Oh and LOOK WHAT MY BROTHER LEFT ON MY LAPTOP! Yeah, I admit that's pretty sweet of him! I've been thinking about starting a new blog somewhere, but keeping it completely private. It's just that there's been a lot going on and I just need an outlet, but idk, sorry disregard this. Promise next blog will be much more interesting!