Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Like a burning flame, a wild fire untamed

1. OOTD: clothes borrowed from Mariel, 2. Homemade brownies with Hazelnut, 3. Dinner; Cha Siu and stirfry, 4. OOTD, 5. Dinner at Red Dragon (?), 6. Seafood and tofu stir fry, 7. Salt and pepper fried duck tongue, 8. Scallion and Ginger pippies with crunchy vermicilli, 9. Koshila's ipod background, 10. Grace Nell, 11. Mariel Malabanan, 12. Koshila Perera, 13. Paper roses & 14. Jordan Kerr's invitation to President Obama's 2013 inaugral

Oh hi there strangers! A fail surprise birthday party, brothers crazy 19th party, mothers day dinner, fast food runs, prison break from offline english and countless hours spent in the art room. That's what I've been up to. Just for a minute, could we all just stare at the last picture of Kerr's invitation all the way from the White House?! It's so plain to see that he is going to go places, super proud! I've signed myself up for the Bodyrock 30 day fitness challenge, two days down, 28 to go! Hoping to take better care of my body since I've been really letting go for too long time (it's carb loading I tell yah! Please don't judge me and my eating habits) I'm halfway through making another skirt so expect something soon (or maybe not). The paper roses are the result of burnt fingers, tears, frustration and long hours, I'm not sure if it's because I've been looking at them for too long or what but they seem so tacky to me and it's really disheartening :( What do you guys think? Ok I am quite aware that I promised this post would be more 'entertaining' and that this post needs a few dragons to spice it up BUT if all things go to plan, this weekend should be exciting! I'm sorry, please forgive me.

Ps. I LOST MY BEANIE AT SCHOOL! Oh man I really liked that beanie, it was actually my brothers...please let me know if anyone sees it, slouchy black with a grey stripe. I'm pretty devastated and its left my head quite cold now that the weather has dropped so low, sigh. Anyone want to offer me a beanie?


  1. I love the detailing of your shorts! I've been meaning to DIY a pair but never got around to it :( Yum, hazelnut brownies?! I have to remember that... is it similar to Nutella's texture? :3 That's such a copious amount of prawns in that stirfry, how lucky. Those paper roses are gorgeous, and the mask mould freaked me out for a good ten seconds haha. I hope Bodywork doesn't exhaust your body too much! Thanks to uni, I had to quit my Zumba classes cause there weren't any other avaliable sessions, but it's heaps fun! Those roses are absolutely beautiful, not tacky at all - don't you say such thing! Can't wait to see your new skirt :) Hope you find a replacement beanie!