Friday, May 25, 2012

Little hands and lions eyes

Red Rovers, Licorice, Blueberries, Ghosties by Jelly Beans
I've never blogged about things I've wanted before so it really gives you an idea how infatuated I am with these sandals. I have wanted them for ages, probably have been searching since last year, and I actually was looking for the clear sandals. Then just the other night I stumbled onto Jelly Beans, an Australian brand (I believe) and I started spinning on my chair, making strange wailing noises and flailing my arms all over the place. I love all the colours (except for the pink that's not pictured) and if I could, I'd get them all. But I can't, not sure if I could even get one pair without feeling like a horrible child (even if they're only $30! I haven't been performing so well in school so...) What do you guys think, what colour should I possibly be getting?
And I reckon it would be awesome if they made these as well! But I have yet to find the brand for these awesome boots :( Will put up another post possibly/probably when my assignments are over!

Ps. Feel free to get me some, for err....early birthday present? ehehe


  1. what size are you?? and i'll get u a pair :)

  2. also, i would love a pair of the boots!!

  3. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X