Wednesday, June 27, 2012

But joy comes in the morning

1. Art bench, 2. Butterfly experiments, 3. Izzy's work, 4. Art picnic, 5. Hershey's from brother's gf, 6. 7. & 8. Cooks Hill with company, 9. 10 & 11. OOTD- thrifted oversized jumper, Rubi socks & shoes
SHE'S ALIVEEEEEEEE! Yes sir I am alive! I have one more assessment tomorrow and then I'll be done! Hillsong Conference will be occupying half of my two week holidays and I am so excited! It will be such an amazing God filled week! Only thing is I'm a little bit worried about going alone...hopefully I'll make some new friends quickly :S Had such a great day today! Lawrence came over in the morning so we could practice for our assessment then we were picked up and headed out to lunch with the Hungry Jacks crew (we head to Hungry Jacks for $2 whopper meals every Wednesday) and had some scrumptious $10 steak (value for money anyone?) and a game of pool. Was then driven home and Mel came over in the afternoon for some rollerblade lessons  and even more assessment practice! She had dinner with my family for the first time as well! Hehe! I got this oversized woollen jumper for $1! It's so warm and perfect for the weather! Until next time! 


  1. ahaha. you're feet looks so cute in the last pic. :P
    I stole your group pic for facebook. thank you. :)