Friday, June 1, 2012

One day You'll make all things right

1. DIY room art, 2. First bowling trip for George's birthday, 3. Volunteering for the Door Knock Appeal, 4. Clement's awesome shoes, 5. Teddy bear shaped pasta, 6.Braids, 7.OOTD, 8.Chicken and Abalone flavoured instant noodles, 9. Bun Thang , 10. Cheese croissants in bed & 11. Art room/my bench

It's been quite a few 'first time ever' moments for me lately; first time bowling and laser tag-ing at George's birthday party, first time volunteering for the Salvation Army's Door Knock Appeal, (insert other first time ever moments that have slipped my mind, woops) But yeah it's been a crazy week. I'm still in the middle of assessments but my procrastination in studies leads to me being a productive blogger!  My plans fell through the other week so I have no exciting pictures (excuses getting boring, I know) but I'm hitting up the Career's Expo tomorrow so that should be good! To explain the first picture, Deuteronomy 31:8 is my favourite verse, so I thought I'd use it to brighten up my otherwise dreary room! AND I received my pass and stuff for Hillsong Conference in July! Super excited for it, it's bound to be an amazing week and I'm coming expectant! Last picture is my messy work bench in art! Things are starting to slowly take shape.

Ps. To that person, if you're reading this, which I'm sure you're probably not since, well since I don't see why you would bother, I hope all is going well. Just wanted to say that since I don't ever get the chance.


  1. WHAT A CUTE IDEA! I might actually have to steal your idea... that's really clever :DD And I'll be like 'she's this cool blogger who makes awesome dresses too!' ^__^ Bowling shoes! I haven't been bowling in years :(( I suck though, haha, but it's fun! I used to volunteer at the St Vinnies near my place, and I thought it meant I could get first dibs on the hauls donated, but I was behind the counter most of the time tagging away perfect vintage /sad/ Those noodles... are shaped like bears?! I finally mastered a braid but my hair is too thick, need a haircut ever so badly. All that broth looks glorious, it's perfect for the chilly winter we're gonna have to prepare for! I did a mosaic sorta thing for my Body of Work, and took up three benches.. ha ... ha, it was chaotic. Hope the Career's Expo goes well!

  2. great set of photos!

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