Sunday, July 22, 2012

To hunger, to seek, to thirst

1,2,3 & 4. DIY Thrifted Denim Jacket: bleached and studded, 5.Hardrock Cafe  Raghlan, 7. Light Denim Top, 8. Cooper St Tank, 9. DIY Denim Jacket, Cooper St Tank & American Apparel Corduroy shorts & 10. Vintage earrings

I'm now back in school however on the last day of the holiday I convinced myself (quite easily) that I should just go thrifting, you know make the most of holidays and all that. Surprisingly I came home with such great finds! Super happy! Everything cost me $1 each (LOL WHAT?! HOW?!) I guess I was just in the right place at the right time! I also thrifted some overalls (also $1) but I'm working on it atm so if it goes right it'll appear in my next blog (or whenever I get around to it!) HOW AMAZING IS THE DENIM JACKET! It makes me feel like, the rainbow fish, you know, this guy? Pretty sure I'm on a bad ass roll or something, squealed when I saw the jacket, got home and decided to just go for the bleach and never really looked back! There are some areas that the bleach splattered on (ie the sleeves + collar + random splatter on the back) so I thought a bit of studding will...distract from it! (tip: if you want to hand stud denim, make it wet first! It's easier and your hands will sure thank you after!) The American Apparel shorts were also thrifted (again for $1, I know I can't believe it either) but when I looked at the picture I took, I realised it had a strange greenish tinge so I just omitted it from this post! The Cooper St Tank is unbelievably soft and flattering! Wearing it right now actually! And couldn'r resist these cute earrings! Hopefully when my ears have healed I'll be able to wear them!

Well that's it for now! My first thrift haul (or any haul for the matter) post! Will be super busy the next few weeks with Trials coming up so until then guys! God bless!

Ps. I finally succumbed and got an Instagram! Follow me @lisangyn_

Friday, July 13, 2012

I rise as You are risen

Cardigan; Vintage, Top: DIY, Skirt: DIY, Shoes: JayJays, Faux Leather Backpack: random store, Beanie: Dad's, Nail Rings & Bracelet: The Old Scholar
GUYS DO YOU GET MY SHIRT?! It's kinda lame, but it's meaningful to me, DOES ANYONE GET IT?! I think I mentioned it before (or maybe not) but that's the black circle skirt I made a few weeks (or maybe months, who knows) back. I've slowly become more reliant on skirts, they're just so easy to throw on and head out! And super easy to make! The weather has been quite beautiful, nice and sunny and not too cold (eurgh I hate the cold, you know that person who always has freezing hands for no reason? Yeah that's me) so it was lovely to take pictures. In fact, I was wearing the cardigan at first but it got so hot that I had to take it off! AND look what came via express postage (hehe, makes me feel important) today! These are pretty bad ass, in fact I don't think I have anything more bad ass than these right now, I mean phwoar what?! Nail rings? Snake nail rings?! Gold snake nail rings?! Yeah pretty sure these rings spit on bad ass-ery. And to make up for the delay in postage, the lovely people at The Old Scholar were even kind enough to throw in a little gift! Shout out to the Scholars! It's Friday, school starts Monday, -cue Adele song- not sure what else there is to say :(

Ps. I'm on the road because my street was just recently fixed! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My anchor holds within the veil

Hillsong Conference 2012
Oh my golly goodness what a jam packed crazy blessed week! It has been so wonderful and definitely life changing! I was so privileged to hear Steven Furtick, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Louie Giglio, Rich Wilkerson Jnr (whom I got a picture with up there BOOYEAH) , Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, Brian & Bobbie Houston (+ others) preach and, oh man I wish I could explain how amazing it was! To top it off worship each night lead by the likes of Israel Houston (which I kinda got...half a picture with), Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, Brooke Fraser etc. Ok I know that I sound really crazy right now but honestly it was such an amazing week and I've got to thank Krisha for inviting me! Such a humbling experience and hopefully I'd be able to go next year, maybe. I think the past week has really awakened me to a few things in my personal life I need to sort out, realign my priorities and just really live purposefully. 

In other quick news, I was once again asked to join Panda Clap Productions in the 48 Hour EcoFilm competition and we wrapped up our shooting at around 9:30pm last night. The team has been crazily editing all night and to what I've been told it's looking good! Will be sure to post up some behind the scenes footage and the finished project (once the competition is over) soon!