Friday, July 13, 2012

I rise as You are risen

Cardigan; Vintage, Top: DIY, Skirt: DIY, Shoes: JayJays, Faux Leather Backpack: random store, Beanie: Dad's, Nail Rings & Bracelet: The Old Scholar
GUYS DO YOU GET MY SHIRT?! It's kinda lame, but it's meaningful to me, DOES ANYONE GET IT?! I think I mentioned it before (or maybe not) but that's the black circle skirt I made a few weeks (or maybe months, who knows) back. I've slowly become more reliant on skirts, they're just so easy to throw on and head out! And super easy to make! The weather has been quite beautiful, nice and sunny and not too cold (eurgh I hate the cold, you know that person who always has freezing hands for no reason? Yeah that's me) so it was lovely to take pictures. In fact, I was wearing the cardigan at first but it got so hot that I had to take it off! AND look what came via express postage (hehe, makes me feel important) today! These are pretty bad ass, in fact I don't think I have anything more bad ass than these right now, I mean phwoar what?! Nail rings? Snake nail rings?! Gold snake nail rings?! Yeah pretty sure these rings spit on bad ass-ery. And to make up for the delay in postage, the lovely people at The Old Scholar were even kind enough to throw in a little gift! Shout out to the Scholars! It's Friday, school starts Monday, -cue Adele song- not sure what else there is to say :(

Ps. I'm on the road because my street was just recently fixed! 


  1. maybe you like my style...

  2. Pretty awesome rings!

  3. love this look, everything looks great together. & that backpack <3
    also thank you for following, following you back!


  4. Lovely outfit! Skirts are nice, but it's been so windy as of late! You're lucky that it's warmer and less crazy over there in Sydney (compared to Melbourne!) That aside, those accessories do look great, those rings are impressive!

  5. love this outfit, I love the top <3

  6. Love the outfit, and indeed the nails rings are badass ! :P

  7. the outfit is gorgeous u know! I love it
    and ur blog is amazeballs had to follow it

  8. wow you made that skirt? that's amazing! congrats! it looks great on you! love this outftit~ it reminds me of the punk LA style fused with just something much more relaxed.

    i absolutely looove your nails accessories too! sooo badass!

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    alex @