Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Body Scrub

Ingredients; raw sugar, olive oil, honey & fresh roses (optional)

You know those overly crazy girls with seemingly everything wrong with them? Like 'Hey lets go sit on the grass and chill' 'Err no I'm allergic to grass remember?' OR 'Hey let's go to the beach-each let's go get away' 'Err, sensitive to sunlight, no can do'...THAT'S ME (no really, I'm allergic to grass...and sensitive with UV...among other things). My skin is terrible, between crazy allergy reactions and eczema flare ups, my poor skin basically has no time to fully recover. It's pretty much one step forward three steps back, just as my skin's recovering from one thing it's onto the next. Thankfully it's gotten much better since I was younger (oh man was it/I ugly back then).

So when I find something that works for me, boy do I get excited! And this scrub so happens to be one of them! I was reading around the net for more 'natural' skin care since my skin often can't handle store bought stuff and this came up (without the roses though). Anyway, I use this as an all over body scrub/ facial exfoliator (just be gentle on the face)/lip scrub and it's been so good. I decided to throw in a rose to see if I can get it more scented (the honey does smell good though) I really wish I had more to put in but err..this was the LAST rose in the garden so it had to do. With this scrub, just mix everything into a paste, it's really up to you how thick you want it. Remember to moisturise after!

Ps. The only downside to this is the 'beach' effect i.e. you end up with sugar all over the shower, keep your mum/dad/whoever cleans the bathroom happy and remember to quickly wash the floors after you're done!

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