Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Through the triumphs and the trials alike

1. Homemade Jam stall, 2. Knitted macarons, 3. Knitted dolls, 4. Antique stall, 5. Alvin Yap;Yap Napping, 6. Melanie, Myself, Bhavna and Avi, 7. Kyleen & I, 8. Gozleme, 9. Learning how to crack a whip, 10. Yr 12 Polaroid, 11 & 12. School cherry blossoms, 13. Jewellery plate, 14. Homemade scones with Three Berry Scones and strawberry & 15. Fresh flowers (antique milk bottles from CF White Elephant Store

'Where have you been?', 'I thought you said you were done with exams?', 'What's cookin' good lookin?' These may be some of the questions you may be asking (especially the last one ;D ) And you are right to ask so. Look, I'm aware I said I was free but really I'm not. It has been and will be a busy few weeks. I graduate on the 20th September, have formal on the same night and...I TURN 18 ON 11th SEPTEMBER! Eurgh, a part of me feels like I should do something illegal before then...just so you know...I could take advantage of being an adolescent. It's really scary thinking I have to be responsible and all that now...I'M NOT READY TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY IRRESPONSIBLE DECISIONS :(

So in the last few weeks, I attended my final Variety Night and my final Country Fair, my initial Visual Arts Major Body of Work was ruthlessly trashed just 6 days before it was due and a new sculpture was hastily put together (praise the Lord it all came together) and it's currently being packed away to be sent to the Board of Studies at the moment (which honestly is a feat of it's own). Right now I'm just savouring the dying minutes of high school, honestly speaking, thinking about leaving it all makes me want to cry.

All that aside, I'm looking forward to the things to come and onto some exciting news, I've scored myself a position as a blogging intern for LA based Skinny Bitch Aparrel! Along with a couple of other fabulous girls, we run (HA! WHO RUN THE WORLD) Skinny Bitch Apparel Blog! Be sure to drop by and check it out!


  1. Congrats on the intern cuzzie!

    And haahahaha noo!!!! I can't be letting people reading it before I know it it'll go public again... if high enough demand arises I might start posting meals again, but until then, just posting on a private blog for my own purposes.

    LOL you bored child go study for hsc ok bye love you!

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