Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tell me how could it be better

1. Visual Arts Gang, 2. Myself, Grady, Kyleen, Clement & Jodie, 3. Study Period Line 4, Myself & Kabhi, 5. PDHPE: Wilso's Warriors, 6-7. Now and Then: Aldrich & Lawrence, 8-9.Now and Then: Ashley, Anh & Diem, 10-11.Now and Then; Aldrich, Ashley, Anh, Diem, Tracey & Clement, 12-13. Now and Then: Avi & Kyleen, 14-15. Now and Then: Sam Bush (Bushie), 16. Bushie,Chris Tolson & Gabby, 17. Emily, George, Jordan Cohen, Daniel & Troy, 18. Daygo's Cheerleaders, 19. PE Staff, 20. Formal with Vincent, 21. George and the PE staff, 21. Amy, Qandeel,Carissa, Anna G, Grace Nell, Delayne & Mariel, 22. The Boys, 23. PE staff

Sorry this post has been so photo heavy but you know, it's a bit difficult to put the last few weeks let alone the last few years into a few pictures. I had the most amazing last 'fun week' at school and like all good things, it flew by unbelievably quickly. I've been putting off this post for a while and even contemplated not doing it at all but I have had 6 brilliant years at Hurlstone and Hurlstone deserves a proper farewell. In true class of 2012 style, the week ended with more smiles than tears. Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. I know that I've got my memories and I know that they will last. I can't thank the amazing teachers enough, for putting your time and effort into teaching us not only the lessons within the classroom but also life lessons that we'll be carrying with us for the rest of our lives. And to my unbelievable cohort? What could be said that hasn't already been said? As we head into a hundred different directions, I hope you guys look back in the future and remember that for 6 years; you, me and 178 others, all walked together on the same road. It's been a pleasure and a mighty privilege, all the best. God bless.

(Some pictures have been taken from Facebook from different people and are not all my own)

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