Sunday, November 25, 2012

From the inside out

 L-R: 1. Yeah not going to bother captioning this, 2. 18th birthday present from Natalie! 3. View walking home
  L-R: 1. Brown rice, broccoli, tuna + Seaweed 2. Smoked ham, guacamole, tomato + homemade tortilla & 3. Lunch prep
  L-R: 1. DIY shift dress, 2.18th Birthday present from DK Thommo! & 3. On the run breakfast
  L-R: 1.'Quail Egg' nails, 2.Pictures in the PE Staffroom 3.PB & J + French Early Grey
 L-R: 1.$9 Heels, 2.OPI & China Glaze haul (gifts from Dad) & 3.Dried corsage from formal (thanks to Alex M)

This is the best I can do for now. Let's just call this the lazy economical blogger's way of catching up on a few 'weeks' worth of blogging. 'So what's up buttercup?' Oh you know, finished a few HSC exams (no biggie), started working at Colette by Colette Hayman, slept a bit, partied too much (joking about the last one, my social life really isn't going to be booming anytime soon.) In short I'm currently stuck in a limbo between High School and Uni. It's nice to have so much time but it's frustrating being so unproductive (was so tempted to break out some maths just to do SOMETHING) Anyway in other news, I'VE GOT MY TICKETS BOOKED FOR VIETNAM! Early January- late February 2013! And Christmas is coming up so soon! Really pumped for Christmas this year! Until next time everyone!

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  1. You got a better head start in your post HSC than I did when I was through this last year. YOURE EARNING MONEY! But you seem to be having fun regardless anyway :)