Saturday, December 8, 2012

To guide me home

1. & 2. Post HSC bonfire, 3. Alvin Chung's 18th, 4. & 5. PAPN, 6-10. Emily Canning's 18th Disney Themed 
So look guys, it's not that I don't want to blog, I really do. But with work and my booming social life (LOL jokes I just don't go out enough to have interesting pictures) I have neither material nor time to blog. This off course needs to be fixed soon...once I get around to it...which I will. But here are a few pictures, both recent and not so recent (that was kinda pathetic...but I've finished English so plz, i dnt ev3n c4r33) PAPN was amazing, not only the night itself but the lead up, just practicing all week with the crew, seeing familiar faces again and yes, spending lunches with the PE staff :3 Suffice to say I had PAPN withdrawals after :( And yes, if anyone was wondering, Emily had A-FRIGGEN-SLUSHIE-MACHINE. Party of the year.

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